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Don’t let your phone interfere with your health!

Calling—or texting—all smartphone users! Yes, these amazing little devices connect you to family and friends, narrate directions to all your destinations, and put information and entertainment at your fingertips. And at this point, who could live without emojis? But if you’re not careful, smartphones can interfere with your life—and your health. A new study found that one in five women and one in eight men lose sleep because of time spent on their phones. Many others admitted that their unchecked phone use led to lower productivity, taking more risks while driving, and even increased pain. Some 24 percent of women and 15 percent of men are “problematic” phone users, according to the study. For young adults, the numbers are even higher. Besides being useful tools, smartphones (as well as tablets and laptops) are thought to tap into the brain’s reward centers in much the same way gambling can. If you spend too much time clicking and scrolling, it’s time to put some checks and balances on your phone use. Keep your phone out of the bedroom, turn off notifications, put it out of reach when you’re driving, and practice leaving your phone at home if you don’t truly need it. You may feel twitchy at first, but then get ready to experience some long-lost and enjoyable sensations, like focus, relaxation, and well-being!

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