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Women, mind your mood at midlife!

Amid all the talk about “women of a certain age,” mental health doesn’t get much air time. But that may be changing. Women going through perimenopause, the time before menopause when hormones are declining, may be particularly vulnerable to depression, according to a new report. For many women, midlife is filled with changes and challenges, both internally and externally. While dealing with symptoms like hot flashes and sleep problems, many women are also feeling the pressures of raising children or having them leave home, caring for aging parents, managing intense career demands, or all of the above. For women who’ve had low-level depression, perimenopause can worsen symptoms, and first-time depression or a recurrence of major depression are common, too. Talk with your physician or a mental-health professional if you’ve been feeling low. Depending on the specifics, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, hormone therapy, or a combination of approaches may be helpful.

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